Need to Know Lingo: Kpop Edition


Hello new friends, old friends and that one really confused parent (Don’t worry… My mum was just like you XD)!

I know I promised you that every week we would be uncovering a new/different area of fanspeak (the language of the fandoms, for all you newbies ^^), but it’s been a while since our last session (here’s a link in case you forgot XD), and I sincerely apologise… I found it oh-so-difficult to explore a new fandom ><.

However! As some of you know from my YouTube videos, I have been getting deeper and deeper and deeper into the Kpop (Korean pop) fandom, which a lot of you have said was a huuuuuge mistake (it takes over your life XD), and have found that Kpopers (as the fans call themselves) have an immense array of specific vocab hidden up their glittery sleeves, which can prove to be quite daunting for new fans, old fans and parents (no, your son is not cursing you in some strange new form of slang, he’s simply asking to be fed) alike. And hence, this week’s/month’s/year’s edition of “Need to Know Lingo” is born.



Let me start off the glossary with a slight disclaimer thing: many of these words are borrowed from the Korean language, and are therefore romanized for my English-reading audience to read with ease. Also, these are the meanings from an international/English-speaking fan’s point of view, so don’t go yelling these words out the next time you pass by your local Korean ‘ahjumma’ (older, married woman) XD

The inner language geek within me would also like to point out how interesting it is that, despite having equivalents for many of these words in our native (or not…) English, we insist on borrowing certain terms from the target language (in this case, Korean). It’s also pretty fascinating (she says, adjusting her pocket protector, and pushing her nerd frames up her nose), how people, or fangirls/boys, use these ‘borrowed’ words to define and form their idiolect (which is basically just a person’s individual speech style).

Anyway, enough of the technical nerdy stuff:

Here we have it. THE list (I spent ages researching the most important/everyday words, and even longer narrowing it down to the top 10 (+2) for you guys) …



(In no particular order)


Oppa (also, Oppar): A term used by females to address a male older than them who they are close to (biological or not). Usually used in Kpop world by female fans referencing their favourite male idols.  Eg “Did you hear about Eric Oppa’s new MV?” (Related words are: unnie: female calling older female, noona: male calling older female, hyung: male calling older male)


MV: Abbreviated term for ‘Music Video’. Eg:



Aegyo: Another Korean word. Being overly cute or innocent (BEWARE, PARENTS! YOUR CHILD MAY TRY USING THIS TO GET SOMETHING FROM YOU… I know: I’ve tried using it XD). Here’s a short compilation.



Comeback: This is when fans get overexcited, and there’s a sudden influx of Kpop on Tumblr and Instagram and everywhere… It’s when a group literally, come back. In Kpop culture, groups perform several ‘comeback stages’ when promoting their newest album/song. Eg: “I HAVE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR BIGBANG’S COMEBACK AND WOW. YARS PLEASE.”


Daebak: (Korean word) A personal favourite of mine. It means awesome. But it’s really versatile, you can use it as an exclamation any time, really XD. Eg: “Daebak! He actually noticed you!” (Here’s Daesung, from popular group, BigBang’s song, DAEBAK)



Maknae: (The Korean words should be pretty obvious by now…) The youngest member of a group, family or friendship circle. In Kpop terms, the maknae of a group usually has a mischievous demeanour with an angelic face. Kyuhyun from Super Junior is an excellent example of this.


Koreaboo: (Often used as an insult) Like the ‘Weeaboo’ term from the anime edition, it’s a term used to describe non-Koreans who try to act Korean (they usually end up offending a LOT of people). Also:



Ulzzang: Literally means ‘Best Face’. There are many, many ulzzang contests that take place every week, where people battle it out to gain the title of Ulzzang. There have been several instances where these ulzzangs get scouted and become Korea’s ‘Next Big Thing’. (models, actors and even singers ><). Here are a few examples of some Ulzzangs:



Selca: A portmanteau of two English words: self and camera… Yes, it is the Korean term for selfie (a need-to-know-word, in my opinion XD). Eg: “AKSJDF;SKJFKF! JUGNKOOK’S SELCA WITH GDRAGON! MY HEARTEUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!” (“By golly, Jungkook’s selfie with the legendary artist GDragon really made my day.”). (Selca Noli is used to mean amusing oneself (nori = play) by taking selfies)


Netizen: Another portmanteau: ‘net’, from Internet, and ‘izen’ from Citizen, therefore, a citizen of the internet. Eg: “DISHONOUR ON YOU, YOU DESPICABLE NETIZENS, FOR HURTING MY OPPA’S FEELS!”




(Ultimate) Bias: Your all-time fave in a group (an Ultimate Bias -UB- is your favourite artist ever… your Number 1.) Under no circumstance do you insult someone else’s bias/UB. You just don’t. Unless you have a death wish. No “that’s a boy????”. No “but she’s so ugly!”. And NEVER EVER say he’s rubbish at acting/singing/dancing/rapping/whatever. NEVER. Understand???

Here’s my UB, just so you all know to stay away XP (It’s Suga from BTS)



Fighting! (Also hwaiting, 화이팅): Legitimately favourite word ever. At first, I was real confused as to why every time idols would yell out “FIGHTING” at each other before going on stage, why every time a character in a kdrama (Korean drama) had an exam coming they’d throw a defiant fist in the air whilst repeating the same phrase or they’d whisper it to themselves before a date. However, after extensive research (okay. I lie. I just typed it into Google ><), I found out that the word, despite having been borrowed from English, it has taken to mean something a little different in Korea. It means something along the lines of ‘good luck’. So don’t forget to throw a “Fighting!” at your bestie about to sit her exam ^^0_flcnd22


So there we have it, chingus (friends XD)! The Need to Know Lingo of Kpop. These few words should be enough to help you get settled into the Kpop life safely and comfortably… Enjoy your stay, and try not to drown too quickly XD

UPDATE!!! A lot of you have been asking if I could give you some suggestions for Kpop songs… And I shall deliver! I collated an array of different songs for you guys…

Here’s a playlist

And here are some MVs ^^tdggftnbljbkbnzm, nzxn

My audition experience…

Lots of you guys asked how my audition went down… Well… here goes…

My heart was pounding as I tossed and turned (See how I decided to take an awesome, story-like approach >-<) It was 3am, and I was in desperate nee of sleep. My chest felt like it was being crushed. My stomach couldn’t stop fluttering. I had to run to the toilet every 10 mins (Ew… TMI). I was nervous.

Finally, my alarm rang. 5am. I’d next to no sleep. Jungkook was rapping his part of WOH as I buffalo-rolled out of bed (Best. Alarm. Ever.).

“Sofiya! HURRY UP! YOU’LL BE LATE!” My mom yelled up the stairs. She offered me breakfast. I didn’t want breakfast, I wanted to throw up… But she forced it down. the doorbell rang, and TJ and Dhyllan rushed in.

We were ready to go. TJ was singing, and Dhyllan and I were acting. They weren’t nervous at all… You’ve heard TJ sing, and Dhyllan is on a scholarship to one of the most prestigious performing arts academies around. -_-. Then you had me. A puddle of nerves on the floor. Ugh.

We managed to get there on time. We were a few hours early, but the queue was HUGE. Luckily, Dhllan and I weren’t the only non-Asians there, but we were a minority. We waiting for ages. We practised. And practised. And practised some more. Until what we thought was THE MOMENT. There was a woman who told us to move into a diffferent room. It wasn’t THE MOMENT yet.

Half an hour later, we split up into different categories, and said our goodbyes, and our HWAITINGs. I wished my chingus were with me.

I was called in. This was it. I stepped into the room taking a deep breath, and gathered myself. I stepped in with all the Suga-swag and confidence I could. And found myself face to face with 5 judges staring me down.

“Annyeohaseyo, I’m Sofiya Jeppesen. Audition number 58. I will be acting a scene that I have written myself. Thank you.” They nodded. We were allowed to perform in English, but I had to show my “awesomeness” (>-<), and did some in English and some in Korean.

It was over. They all took notes and nodded, and thanked me, and said they’d get back to me soon enough. Another woman led me out, to my chingus, much to my pleasure. I ran to them.

Turns out, we were all pretty pleased with ourselves. We’re just waiting for any news.

That’s all for this week, guys. Stay fresh, chingus B-)

UGHH… 2014 -_-

2014 is a terrible year for Kpoppers everywhere. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s getting worse; Kris, Ladies Code, scandals blowing out of proportion… The list is never ending. Now Luhan, yes our LuGe, is leaving EXO. Following in the footsteps of his hyung, Kris. I cried. We all did. We’re going to miss him so much. There are no ships to sail without Luhan. HunHan? Nope. XiuHan? (OTP!) also nope. However, I’m proud of idols starting to stand up against the oppression of their agencies (namely, SM)


Another big thing this week; GDragon and Kiko, the damn Jelena of Kpop. are they, or are they not?? Several pictures of them getting comfy have surfaced. Again. Personally, I wish them the best. About time he gets with a girl. Properly. *ahem*. g-dragon-kiko-seoul-date-dispatch_005



That’s it for this week, guys… Kdramas are calling… Stay fresh, chingus B-)



The Sexualisation of Kpop…

Growing Up in the U.S.A, the U.K and France and having a really, very culturally diverse background means I have to be flexible. I have to adapt quickly. It also means my tastes, hobbies and dislikes are completely different to everyone else. I liked sushi; they liked burgers and so on and so forth. My taste in music, especially. My dad was into Korean music (KPop) in the late 90’s to early 00’s. Which meant I liked it. He lost interest in 2004, when I gained an independent interest.

My love for KPop was accepted by my parents, and they bragged to all their friends about how their daughter was learning Korean independently at such a young age. As I got older, and other children began to get into Niki Minaj and Rihanna, I stuck to KPop; the cute, innocent side to music.


But does it remain in that position? KPop is not what it was. Is it still acceptable for younger kids to watch?



Let’s take a look at some of the most notable changes:

This WAS Taemin, maknae (youngest) of popular boyband SHINee, known for his adorable, child-like appearance:


This IS Taemin now: He went solo, and… well… He’s definitely not the same person anymore… imagesCA1WQXPB


Now for a girl group: Here we have the old Girl’s Day… Cute, right? You’d definitely let your kids watch these girls… I would…


But now?… Maybe not so much…


At least they aren’t completely naked. -_-


The Korean industry is, as any other industry, tough to break. The rivalry between groups and even the members within groups is no joke. Fame in Korea is based mostly (sometimes solely) on looks. SM, the most company that produces the biggest stars, brings in the most money and wins the most music shows have scouted some of their most successful acts on the streets or on through internet pictures. No talent needed. Just looks. They can be trained to sing later (more on intense training here). Some fans say that SM are taking away the idols’ dignities by forcing them the groups to have “sexy concepts” in order to gain more views, more popularity, more MONEY. Why is this the case? Surely, the artist should be free to choose whatever they feel most comfortable wearing. No. Not in the Kpop world;  What if, all of a sudden, a newer, younger, better looking group from another company debut? What if their group get pushed aside, because of it? The company with the newer group would gain money, and they would lose it. Therefore, they have to do something in order to attract attention, so they don’t lose popularity. A comeback, of course! But they can’t use a cute concept (that’s what most groups debut with)… They need something bigger, better, more scandalous, even. Sex. They need more sex appeal. They need to comeback with a bang.


Here we have U-Kiss… Their album itself is called MONO-SCANDAL. The M/V was rated 19+ and was banned on several music shows, and the whole choreography had to be changed (not surprisingly).


Do you think it was an acceptable video? Do you think the reactions to choreograohy were OTT, or were they suitable? Would you let your kids watch it?

Koreans are usually pretty reserved when it comes to sex, the exposing of bodies and so on, or so my sources tell me. So why is Kpop becoming so sexualised? There’s a very, extremely simple answer behind it. Sex sells. Sex sells no matter where you are, be it Asia, Europe or Africa. Korea isn’t a huge country like the States, so of course, there aren’t many sales, which is why they are targetting wider audiences, drawing inspiration from successful American stars like Niki Minaj and Miley Cyrus.


Another thing about KPop, also on the topic of sexualisation is the fanservice. Do your kids use words like “shipping”, “OTP” or “fanfiction”? If so, they may be swimming in dangerous waters. Fanfiction usually goes hand-in-hand with “Shipping”. It’s when fans write stories about their OTP’s (One True Pairings; Two celebrities they “ship”, or put in a couple). Sounds harmless, right? Wrong. Well… Sometimes. Fanfictions can get very graphic and highly expicit. I have heard about 12 year-olds writing some horrific fanfiction about JongKey (a very popular coupling of Jonghyun and Key, members of boyband SHINee). These kind of fanfictions are easily accessible, and can be bad influences to younger audiences.


It doesn’t help that the companies feed these “ships” by incorporating fanservice (smething done for fans) into their every move, choreograohy and photoshoot. They are told to perform large amounts of “skinship”, touching. This kind of fanservice is more rife in boybands, such as EXO, SHINee and Super Junior… Coincidentally, three of the most famous boy groups, and all from the same company… Hrmm… Some acts of fanservice are simply small gestures, like the patting of another members hair, but they can escelade VERY quicky, into shirtless men bodyrolling too close to each other. And then kissing. And fans lap it up. I remember one of my friends, a stylist who has worked closely with some of these groups, telling me how just before the show, the manager would walk around and tell them what kind of fanservice they’d perform this time. They weren’t allowed to complain, for fear of losing their job. They were made to do this. Is this REALLY necessary?

Now that I’ve had my rant, I’ll sum it up. Kpop isn’t bad. It’s just changed to fit the worlds’ tastes. Todays generation have to grow up surrounded by all these sexualised images, whilst we, their parents, grew up in a much more “innocent” environment, where this kind of stuff wasn’t as easy to come buy. Having said that, I’d never forbid my kids to listen to Kpop. Never. It’s such a huge part of my life, a part I will share. It’s up to the parents to teach them wrong from right, what’s acceptable and what’s not, after all. 2yvt8vq






Hello! ^-^

Hello, Interwebs… I am Song Sae Byul (well, that’s my Korean name, anyways ^-^)…  Welcome to my blog (which, FYI, I have no idea how to blog XD)… Let me warn you in advance, I will post loads of  Kpops… Lelz… ENJOY!